About Us

Cooliscos is a Food Recipe portal, created by a Digital Marketing Agency to be a simple Food Recipe Portal where we share the most delicious treats with you.

Cool delights. We prefer to make a simple blog to show all marketers that no matter the beauty of the blog. If well optimized, it can generate large conversions.

Our blog is intended for all people. With information, various categories of cooking for you to do at home.

Send us your recipe or be a contributor to our blog. Send us an email.

We are a food recipe blog that is updated 24 hours a day through our partners in Angola, Portugal, Brazil and the United States.

If you want to send suggestions or complaints please send to: [email protected]

Here at Receiteria we share tips, information, and creative recipe selections we find on carefully selected blogs. We always value the creativity and authenticity of the recipes.

About Us